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VCI / IVCyr Paper


Plain Craft paper impregnated with multi metallic (VIC / IVCyr) Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor.
Environmental friendly product.


In bags, sheets or rolls. With or without private label.
Roll width: from 100 mm to 200 mm

For other measurement needs – please contact the Commercial Department.

The VCI / IVCyr protection reacts rapidly against corrosion on metal in general, storage and transportation (including ocean transportation) for the aftermarket replacement.

Used in the automotive industry, metal works, steel industry, electronic and mechanics in general.

Efficiency protection on: steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, gold. Alloy: silver, nickel, CADMIO, in different shapes such as: sheets, bars, bearings, reels, plates, metal stamp, cast, forge laminate, motor, transmission and axel. The protection is efficient even with two or more different metals on the same piece of material.


The pieces can be individually wrapped or covered the entire package.

If the integrity of the package is maintained, the protected products with VCI /IVCyr will last for 24 months.


It can be stored during 24 months, when properly closed and at room temperature, it will protect against humidity and moisture.
Keep VIC / IVCyr properly closed, avoiding long time out of its own package. When exposed to air, the chemical agents will evaporate much faster. After using it, seal the package for future need.
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Plain neutral Kraft paper
80 g/m2
6,7 to 7,5
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