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How does VCI / IVCyr / IVC Work

What is VCI / IVCyr / IVC?

It's a volatile organic mixture that protects atmospheric corrosion wich has the feature of sublimation, going directly to liquid state. Recyclable, biodegradable, composed of environmentally friendly products.
Non-toxic, free of free amines, nitrites, phosphates, silicones, chromates and heavy metals

Protection Mechanism

The VCI/ IVCyr vapor saturates the air inside of the packages by sublimation. Their corrosion inhibiting action begins with the presence of contaminated parts (moisture, acid fumes, saline haze, etc. ..) in contact with the metal surface. By condensation, a monomolecular protection is formed on the surface preventing the formation of corrosion.


The VCI / IVCyr is applied in the following materials:

• paper
• plastic paper
• paper with wolven
• plastic wrap
• wolven
• pouch / Linter
• liquid

Effective conditions:

When needed, the active elements of the VCI / IVCyr sublime itself and reactivate continuously. Its efficiency is reduced in proportion to the degree of sublimation vapor, mainly due to:

• Hermiticity of the package
• Ambient temperature
• Air circulation
• Damage in the package

For higher VCI / IVCYR efficency, maintain the package closed. This will keep the product protected for two years.


Where it's used:

Used in the automotive industry, metal works, steel industry, electronic and mechanics in general.
Effetive protection on:
steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, gold. Alloy: silver, nickel, CADMIO, in different shapes such as: sheets, bars, bearings, reels, plates, metal stamp, cast, forge laminate, motor, transmission and axel. The protection is efficient even with two or more different metals on the same piece of material.

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