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VCI / IVCyr Plastic Film


Low Density and High Density Polyethylene film can be translucent (with pigment) or transparent (without pigment), incorporated with multi metallic Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor on its own molecule.
The IVC vapors produces over the metal surface, a fine protective skin, blocking the formation of any type of corrosion, avoiding the need of other conventional protection.


In rolls, bags or sheets.

In a need for other types of protection, please contact our Commercial Department.
Offered with or without private label.


Protects against corrosion by covering inside of the boxes or outside of the rack where the metal parts will be protected.
In order to protect metal products at the factory such as: home appliances, electrical components individually or together, rap it in film or bags, it will reinforce the impermeability of the package. The plastic film allows visual control of the parts packed.


Correct rapping, the protection can last up to 24 months
Avoid metal parts to be unprotected for long period of time.
When exposed to air, the additive agents will evaporate.
After using the metal parts, please seal the packaging again
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Color: translucid blue (*)
Plastic film: Low Density and High Density Polyethylene (*)
30 - 200 μ (**)

(*) Color and type of chemical do not interfere with the protection level.
(**) For other thickness, please contact our Commercial Department
With the objective of using the correct material for the best protection, Cyrbe offers training to its customers without cost. Contact us
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